mind control TI’s daily log 5

28 Jan

Following web content extracted from injustice.org , rense.com , whalte.to

Since July 10th 2005 I have been a victim of psychotronic
harrassment. My symptoms have included; limited induced
visual hallucinations; states of full body paralysis while
fully conscious; extreme pain in the lower back during
these states; vivid images with my eyes closed; sounds
that only I can hear; "altered mindstates" during which
all my senses are controlled; in addition, there is
always someone present with whom I can converse with by
thinking in words. They answer aloud, though only I can
hear it.

Throughout the experience the offenders have told me
some of their capabilities, these are; the ability to hear
my thoughts, the ability "copy" and show me later any
image I mentally focus on, the ability to hear anything I
hear and the ability to see through my eyes.

If you or someone you love are experiencing similar
harrassment, you live in Canada, you have no mental
illness such as psychosis/schitzophrenia and would like
join a contact group or speak to someone about your
experience, e-mail me at levi73277@hotmail.com I look
forward to hearing from you.
World’s Smallest Hulda Clark Zapper – 30kHz


4. Shame Factor Enhancement:

1. Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is constructed to cause the subject to perform embarrassing and otherwise shameful acts (usually sexual but always anti-social). These shameful behaviors are used by the NSA later to shame the person into a lower self esteem, reduced confidence in their own self discipline, a need for forgiveness from God. These embarrassments provide a means to Blackmail or discredit the subject if the NSA is detected and otherwise threatened by the subject.

2. The NSA will always use another law enforcement agency to document the behavioral discrepancy to retain anonymity. The NSA has been known to help subjects avoid prosecution to gain loyalty or create an adversarial relationship between the acting agency and the subject (another intimidation factor) even though the NSA was responsible for creating the behavioral problem in the subject’s life.
4. Shame Factor Enhancement:

1. Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is constructed to cause the subject to perform embarrassing and otherwise shameful acts (usually sexual but always anti-social). These shameful behaviors are used by the NSA later to shame the person into a lower self esteem, reduced confidence in their own self discipline, a need for forgiveness from God. These embarrassments provide a means to Blackmail or discredit the subject if the NSA is detected and otherwise threatened by the subject.

2. The NSA will always use another law enforcement agency to document the behavioral discrepancy to retain anonymity. The NSA has been known to help subjects avoid prosecution to gain loyalty or create an adversarial relationship between the acting agency and the subject (another intimidation factor) even though the NSA was responsible for creating the behavioral problem in the subject’s life.

The act of bringing back past memories in a subject though the use of hypnosis.

3. Post-Hypnotic Delivery Method:

1. The NSA combines hypnosis and thought labels to interrogate people without the subject being aware of it. “How can hypnosis be used?” you might ask. The subconscious mind operates at a speed of about 1200 to 1400 words per minute.
This is many times faster than the conscious mind that operates at 250 to 450 WPM (words per minute). The posthypnotic script can be spoken at fast conversational speed approximately 250 WPM and a recorder or a computer speeds up the message up to approximately 1200 to 1400 WPM. Remember what happens when you play a 33 rpm record at 78 rpm? The resulting voice sound like the old American cartoon characters the Chipmunks. This is only slightly past doubling (2X) the delivery speed. At speeds as high as 1400 WPM, the voices would sound like a high pitched chattering whine. Remember when the words “Drink Coca Cola” were written on one frame of a movie in a theatre back in the 1960s? The frame rate in movies is played at 30 frames/second. At 1/30th of a second the conscious mind could not recognize the message but the subconscious mind could read it clearly. The audience increased their Coca-Cola consumption by 65% that night resulting in the Federal Government prohibiting subliminal advertising. The following probable reasons for not achieving a higher percentage of subliminal delivery effectiveness (> 65%) are described as follows. In that 1/30th of a second some people were blinking, some people were looking around the theatre, looking at spouses, children, candy, popcorn, etc. or they had sufficiently poor eyesight that they could watch the movie but could not distinguish the small writing clearly.

http://www.whale.to/b/nsa4.html#5. Posthypnotic Command


Robert Duncan Soul Catcher

Radio Shack High-Power Video/Audio Tape Eraser 44-233A

it’s basically a demagnetizer/degausser that might have some effects on electronics, i’m not entirely sure though, i ordered this off ebay, i’ll let you know how it goes.

You could also try ordering some super strong magnets and placing them over the site where you think the chip might be. According to Wikipedia, N54 magnets are the strongest available magnets

latest mind control books


more books http://freedomfchs.com/id15.html

Clipper Chips

Dr. Robert Duncan Discusses Mind Control Weapons On The Richard Syrett Internet Podcast
Dr. Robert Duncan is a former government scientist, who became disillusioned with the corruption within the US Military-Industrial- Intelligence complex. He now researches many different aspects of this corruption, including the US Intel/Military connection to directed energy weapons, and how they are being used to illegally access and manipulate the minds of the global population
Perhaps what is most interesting in regard to the statements which Dr. Duncan makes is that there is a more clandestine side to this technology which can covertly affect the mind and behavior of a targeted person, in such a way that the person themself may be acting on thoughts which are not even their own

More on technology and harassment

page 32,34,35,43,44,49,53,68 father X-files virtual reality neural computer interface
CIA mind control, EEG heterodyning, and Scientology.Bioelectric communication signals,TAMI,TAMI stands for “Thought Amplifier and MIND Interface”
SATAN, Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons, i.e. U.S. mind control.
mindcontrol scripts biocommunication weapon system biotelemetric antenna implants biotelemetry
psychotronic weapons
it can be used to increase the resolution of MRI/ESR and other imaging techniques
neural telemetry and psychophysics satellite based neurological weapons

Mind reading radar and EEG heterodyning has been spying into the minds of everyone in their most intimate moments. They have profiles on almost everyone to use as blackmail or to manipulate.

weapons Psi weapons, non-lethal weapons, directed energy weapons, cognitive modeling influencers, voice of god weapons, synthetic telepathy, EEG cloning, EEG heterodyning, neural telemetry, biotelemetry, scalar weapons, behavioral biophysics, microwave weapons, mind control, bioenergetics, neuroinfluencing, mind meld, remote interrogations, remote hypnotic intra cerebral control, neuralizer, RHIC, EDOM, telesuggestion, parapsychology, Radio Frequency weapons, psychotronics, radionics, telecybernetics, bioelectromagnetics, non-thermal effects research, remote brain wave monitoring, psychic spying, stealth radar, microwave interferometry, high frequency pulsed ELF waves, thought reader radar, informational weapons,

But when you are EEG cloned you become part of the audience.
Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme ”. He created a new field of study called mememics. It is a concept derived from evolutionary genetics, i.e. genes.

they are studying mememic warfare

V and Clipper Chips, Echelon, and NSA domestic spying combined

TAMI will eventually be used to track neural information flows between people

TAMI (thought amplifier and mind interface) is being used to amplify and multiply these toxic minds onto other people to see if they become violent or self destructive.

EEG cloning would allow this weapon to scale to large population sizes by cloning this mind virus with all its toxic thoughts into anyone if the weapon system targeted his/her body/brain signatures.

Imagine a doctor who creates and releases a flu virus just so he can have more business each year. That?s what the military does by secretly inciting war. Imagine if you dedicated your life to psychiatry and found out that you have been misdiagnosing many of your patients due to a scam, faulty information inserted into textbooks that you obediently regurgitated. How would you feel? It would be a painful realization to find out you wasted your life through a betrayal of the “Shadow government”. Well, the time is drawing nearer to that awakening for many of them. They better learn some coping mechanisms.

“Can the government read brain activity at a distance?” As it turns out, they have had this capability since 1960 and they claim it is „all nice and legal like? when asked to comment. And finally when Porter Goss was interviewed at a press conference and asked if the CIA uses torture on Iraqi?s in order for the U.S. to free Iraqi?s from a torturing dictator, he stated, ”No, we creatively interpret laws and redefine words. We also strip away the CIA agents? title during the torture process to make sure it is all legal.”

Test patterns I was able to interview over 500 people that know they are/were electronically harassed, slipped drugs, fed radiation, MKULTRA mind controlled, or directed energy weapons test victims. Several have died while writing this book. They range from children to the elderly, from poor to wealthy, from religious to atheist, from uneducated to educated. People are chosen at random like in all their other tests. There

I was unlucky. I got a demonstration of the full works of mind control technologies and SATAN. SATAN (silent assassination through amplification of neurons) is the program to try and kill the target through car crashes, heart attack, depression and suicide, self destructive behavior, neglect, or to be a programmed assassin. They were somewhat fair in that they told me ahead of time using the synthetic telepathy, exactly how they were going to try to kill me each day. They told me every torture they were to inflict on me ahead of time. It was oddly routine for them. They said that they had successfully killed an artist in San Francisco with a heart attack, a woman pediatrician, and an old lady in a nursing home. They felt pretty confident that they could kill me with EEG cloning. The 200 people in their weapons testing group were competing for points according to the main heterodyned project leader. Those that gained enough experience points could go on to the psychic assassins and mind controllers team who work on real projects like world leaders after they collected the effectiveness of the pain data, collected the mind control statistics, and mapped the unique brain waves that I had for their database.

In almost all the cases, the belief that a microchip or tooth transponder (like in the movie, “Real Genius”) is responsible for the conversation without a cell phone is suggested to the target.

Another project name for the EEG cloning and cataloging operations and media “strategic deception” was called project “Chaos”. The soul goal of these groups in psychological warfare, CIA mind control, and INSCOM?s stragetic deception is to create errors of judgment and reasoning and vocabulary confusion by every means possible. They have perfected control of the media through leaks and strategically placed disinformers in the industry. They have perfected disinformation on the internet using “the method” that plays off of people?s black and white thinking by flooding it with partial truths and lies. And finally they have found a way to inject by electromagnetics errors into people?s brains directly using misnamed umbrella classifications of technology like “nonlethal weapons” which contains EEG heterodyning, psychic warfare, and another overlapped classification of “directed energy” weapons. They have used the pseudo sciences of the psychology community to create and propagate misdiagnosis of weapons testing effects as mental illness. They have used Hollywood and television to program the masses to discredit anyone who talks about something that was labeled as a work of fiction, such as a movie or shown on the science fiction channel.

These victims did not do their homework and realize how large the test group is and how long it has been going on.

Just to show you how well the information stream grid lock works, type in “mind control” into google to see how much information there is on supposedly something that is “science fiction”. People don?t have time to waste their lives writing about this topic if it wasn?t real or if they weren?t paid as disinformants. There are 293,000,000 hits on google.

The soul stealer is doing good business under the U.S. flag

Inducing Delusions How is delusional thinking induced in a target? Some of the long logical thought trains which are based on a faulty assumption are due to the amplification of the target?s own brain signals.

If this topic of dark American history interests you, you merely need to replace “Aliens” with “Department of Defense” and “terrorist” with “CIA programmed assassin” while you research and you will have much of the truth.

Devil made them do it. They could have been inadvertently telling the truth. The voices commanding actions are projected through the U.S. weapon system whose acronym is SATAN, Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons, i.e. U.S. mind control.

Devil made them do it. They could have been inadvertently telling the truth. The voices commanding actions are projected through the U.S. weapon system whose acronym is SATAN, Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons, i.e. U.S. mind control.

It is merely speculation as to why the traitorous CIA/DoD weapons testers choose most of the people that they do. Everyone asks, “Why me? I’m nobody.” That may be exactly one of the criteria. One rough breakdown of the people targeted by the weapon is: 70% random selection, 5% government whistle blowers, 5% outspoken liberal activists, 10% DoD scientists who worked on secret technologies, 10% lifestyle choices, < 1% appear to be real targets like Saddam Hussein.

During the experiments, the data collectors perform tests of sentence completion and prediction probabilities. In another mode of TAMI, what sounds like multiple threads simultaneously running, about ten to twenty possible completions of your precognitive thoughts or partially begun sentences are spoken back to you. They called these programs mimicants. Each one completed the thought or sentence differently. It was like a matrix of probabilities of previous sentence patterns used to guess like fill-in-the-blank sentence completion on the SATs. It

Most victims of government practice torture and kill programs die unnatural deaths from car crashes, heart attacks, suicide, and cancer that the weapons test program managers justify mostly as secondary effects from the testing. While

The Making of a Manchurian Candidate The making of a Manchurian Candidate or CIA programmed assassin : • Isolation and sensory deprivation • Complete breakdown of their happiness until they reach despair • Removal of personality, ego, and sense of individuality through depatterning and humiliation • Fragmentation of personality through torture • Desensitization of violence through imagery and example • Reprogramming fragmented personalities through hypnosis, psychic driving, and Skinnerian techniques to be triggered by words or induced electromagnetically

pauss 97***** ,

The Making of a Manchurian Candidate The making of a Manchurian Candidate or CIA programmed assassin : • Isolation and sensory deprivation • Complete breakdown of their happiness until they reach despair • Removal of personality, ego, and sense of individuality through depatterning and humiliation • Fragmentation of personality through torture • Desensitization of violence through imagery and example • Reprogramming fragmented personalities through hypnosis, psychic driving, and Skinnerian

With 100 satellites, you could precisely pinpoint and track that person and read the brainwaves or heartbeat with “alien” biotelemetric antenna implants

anywhere. Everyone has a unique body resonance signature, heart beat signature, and brain wave print. No RFID chip or dipole antenna is needed anymore to do biotelemetry.

other books of thematrixdecipher ?????????????????

Why are certain people chosen around the world for these endless tortures and extermination? Directed energy might work like the Stanford gamma knife. Only at the intersection of several

I caution you not to try this at home. But ironically now, all these steps are done in one?s home using the various mind control scripts and biocomminication weapons system. The current program isn?t all that different from the movie, “Clockwork Orange”, except they try to make the psychopathic killer rather than cure one.

So can bio and neural telemetry be done without an implanted dipole or microstrip antenna? RFID chips have shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. But, are they necessary at all? No, not according to full spectrum RADAR signature analysis or according to the Malech Patent

The television series, “The Outer Limits”, features mind control, synthetic telepathy, and evil alien experimentation in almost every episode

Why are certain people chosen around the world for these endless tortures and extermination?

This is the basis of the top secret “scalar” weapons that have so many disinformation agents confusing people in the scientific community and are the basis for menticizing and silently assassinating people without easily being detected.Why is it difficult to detect “scalar” waves? They exist as pure field potential,

Interfacing TAMI TAMI?s interface has three screens for the operator. The interface uses an eye tracker instead of a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. TAMI?s operator needs only look at one spot on the screen for a second, then a drop down x-windows driven menu system allows the operator to traverse the options merely by looking at them. It turns out to be a very efficient way to operate the program. The developers experimented with voice recognition but this turned out to have some issues with covertness. The eye tracking system is

“Scalar” Weapons – Creating High Intensity ELF Magnetic and Electric Fields through Heterodyning High Frequency Directed Energy Weapons

This is how directional ultrasonic heterodyning sound projection is done to project a voice into one person?s head with sound waves without the person next to them hearing it

Not only do the scalar waves look like they are coming out of nowhere, the carrier frequency can be what is called deterministic broadband noise . Deterministic Broadband noise is a signal that appears just like noise across some bandwidth of a broad spectrum let?s say HF-UHF for example. It is calculated from a uniform random distribution function. It is really just adeterministic, very complex function that looks just like true random noise. It will appear like regular noise to an amateur signal analyst looking at an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. The background noise levels will be just a bit higher and most amateur radio engineers do not keep measurements on the absolute background noise levels. This very complex broadband carrier wave will be cancelled out at the point of intersection of a scalar wave anyway. So this is how you can hide the carrier wave of the signal in noise and hide the direction and carrier wave frequencies of the signal with heterodyning destructive interference, i.e. scalar waves

How to detect scalar waves

Scalar waves are a higher form of radar waves, but they go one step further by passing through anything solid too and are able to detect and be able to be made

scalar weapons
http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/scalarweapons.html (here scalarweapons.html)

Every listener will have a different angle relative to the speaker.

denied by the agencies and has been successfully kept in the “science fiction” belief realm of the general and purposefully ignorant populous.

well. They truly are sociopaths and need to practice on US citizens before doing it to an important target like an Iraqi or such. The CIA used to call their torturers, “Rough boys”. Biotelemetric antenna implants are no longer needed to pinpoint the directed energy at the target.

movie, “Real Genius.”

ADD and Ritalin break an EEG cloning lock.
India- Addwize, Inspiral. Methylphenidal
International- Daytrana.




If you know how the effect works and you have Beta Blockers or Valium on hand, it will be impossible for them to accomplish it.

movie, “Clockwork Orange”,


Voice in the head (50 stories of survivor ) written by DR morris romme , snadra etc . not very expansive

http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Pages/WelcomePage.aspx united nations human rights

book Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America, Alex Constantine

David lawson
Terrorist Stalking in America
Cause Stalking

http://thehiddenevil.wordpress.com/category/cause-stalking/ ********

These perpetrators will follow you into restaurants & businesses where they will try to surround you, kick your chair, or harass you any way they can.(7) They ll usually sit near you & mention several topics that directly relate to your personal life. This is done both to harass you & to try to evoke a sense of helplessness in you by not being believed if you were to tell someone about the harassment. This type of harassment is designed to try to evoke a feeling of paranoia.(101)

anti-spy1@live.com 23 months ago


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Does anyone know how copper may act as a shield? They came into my home and literally took apart a pair of unique copper earrings with carved wooden beads.


book Brice Taylor – Thanks for the memories.pdf

One gets the impression today that the majority of both "mental health experts" and judges
believe that Multiple Personality Disorder can easily be faked during expert examinations. However,
most professionals with experience treating DID will tell you that it is almost impossible to fake an
autonomic response, the kind of response that is used to assess the reality of a dissociated state. Faking
an autonomic response would be about as easy as deliberately dilating or contracting your pupils without
any change of light stimulus. ***********

Usually the women are tumed into slaves of one kind or
another; the men are turned into killers or handlers.

W.H. Bowart Director Freedom of Thought Foundation *******************

Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of trauma-structured dissociation and
occultic integration in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a
systematic framework. During the process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is
17 ************
performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding
alter(s). Of course, most [people] would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the
victim negating irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.

There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor, with numerous back-up
programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are
interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis. One of the main internal structures, (of which there are
many) within the system is shaped like a double-helix, consisting of seven levels. Each system has an
internal programmer who oversees the "gatekeepers" (demons?) who grant or deny entry into the
different rooms. A few of the internal images predominately seen by victims/survivors are trees, the
Cabalistic "Tree of Life," with adjoining root systems, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider
webs, mirrors or glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons/monsters/aliens, sea shells, butterflies,
snakes, ribbons, bows, flowers, hour glasses, clocks, robots, chain-of-command diagrams and/or
schematics of computer circuitry boards.

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse



Dissociation is a key term that refers to the ability of the mind to "cut off" a part of itself
from conscious awareness. An everyday example of this ability, which we all have in varying degrees, is
the experience of driving down the freeway and missing the exit you take everyday because you are
thinking about something else. *********

to take it! Part of your
mind was dissociated, or separated from, the real world around you while you focused on internal
thoughts. Another example

These are all characteristics of the diagnosis "Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder" or PTSD.

This knowledge will also help you understand how programmers use audio and videotapes and
movies to confuse people as to what is reality and what is not. In

I acquired Brice Taylor's first book, STARSHINE: One

For the purpose of mind control, hearing a certain song can send a recovering mindcontrolled
victim into sheer panic. Two particular shows seem to be universally known to the recovering
people I have seen: THE WIZARD OF OZ and IT'S A GOOD LIFE. The phrase "follow the yellow brick
road" is a program used to trigger someone into doing whatever he or she is told to do.
In a society where competition for wealth, power, and
control of others is foremost, we as a people are doomed to self-destruction, unless we change


I think i have RFID/ICT/nano/bio-chip implant in my body which probably inserted involuntary during sinus surgery

I detected presence of microchip using yaege FC-1 frequency counter and
want to disable it . I read in some articles in web Pocket EMP generator can disable implants. Here is link how to build one at home.

I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) generator that can disable RFID chips

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsGZAGJz4ro (sai prasanth)


EAS Jammer – EMP Jammer – Remote Control Jammer and others http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7MyUKywc_A


Scientific American
Reefer Madness, The Exorcist, and My
World Dies Screaming.
Out-of-body experiences are apparently better documented as research has
progressed far beyond general belief.that deception is already part
of the social framework. We really subconsious mind is part of an area in brain . left brain ??

reason for autism ???? isolation

Mind control in the united states.pdf

Plato's Republic is the source book of all dictatorships. Plato's blueprint for
a new society begins with breaking up the existing social structure by
whatever means necessary, including force, in order to establish the "ideal"
society. There would be three classes: the special ruling class, a powerful
army and the working class. There would be slaves also, but slaves would
not be considered citizens. Marriage would be eliminated. Women would be
equal with men-equal to fight wars with men and perform labor like men.
Sexual activity would be controlled and limited by the State.

The Federal Reserve controls the nation's money supply
and interest rates, and thereby manipulates the entire economy-creating
inflation or deflation, recession or boom, sending the stock market up or
down at whim. "From now on depressions will be scientifically created,"

"The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here
so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all."179

The reasoning power of crowds. Crowds are not to be
influenced by reasoning—The reasoning of crowds is always of a very
inferior order—There is only the appearance of analogy or succession
in the ideas they associate.

book tragedy and Hope pauss 45/949
This relationship, the price system,
depended upon five things: the supply and the demand for goods, the supply and the demand for
money, and the speed of exchange between money and goods.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wujJ-eyacWg emp device testing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0vZigwn09I *********



27 34 50 /228 The complete book of Greed, The strange amazing history of human excess.pdf torrenz

writings of Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis
notes in his essay "Character and Anal Erotism"

(see Dying of Money:
Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations by Jens O. Parsson [Lincoln, Mass.:
Wellspring Press, 19741).

Greed can be a powerful motivator, as

While the relentless pursuit of money can be
a sign of greed, greediness finds its fullest
flower in what people do with money to make
more money. When done in a prudent way,
this is an activity usually called "investing."
But when taken to its outer limits, this is not
investing but "grabbing"—an attempt to buy
things so that they can soon be sold for more
money, which can then be used to purchase
more things that will grow even more in value
so they can then be sold for more money that
can then be used to buy . . . well, you get the

In The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power (New York:
Simon and Schuster, 1991), author Daniel Yergin tells what happened
when the OPEC countries went on a massive buying spree in a "post-
1973 cornucopia,

Why Diamonds Are Forever Expensive

In his famed book The Robber Barons: The
Great American Capitalists, 1861-1901 (New
York: Harcourt, Brace, 1934), Matthew Josephson
writes that the American tycoons of
the turn of the century were typically "great
silent men" who did not talk about much beyond
their business dealings

For the Magazine of "Money, Power and Greed,"

todo: scattered dreams movie

and rules. An important role in the process of the preparation for the trading on Forex belongs to the demotrading
(that is to trade using a demo-account with some virtual money), which allows to testify all the
theoretical knowledge and to obtain a required minimum of the trade experience not being subjected to a
material damage.
Short data about

Helsing Jan VAN, Secret societies and Their Power in the 20TH Century

************* 23/ 194 25,26
superficial? Men in masses and the men of the
masses, being guided solely by petty passions, paltry beliefs, customs, traditions and
sentimental theorism, fall a prey to party dissension, which hinders any kind of agreement
even on the basis of a perfectly reasonable argument. Every resolution of a crowd depends
upon a chance or packed majority, which, in its ignorance of political secrets, puts forth
some ridiculous resolution that lays in the administration a seed of anarchy

Roberts, Archibald E – The Most Secret Science 1984

The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian principle of bringing about
change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.

"If the American people ever allow private
banks to control the issue of their currency,
first by inflation and then by deflation, the
banks and the corporations that will grow up
around them, will deprive the people of all
property until their children wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered."

KIck Russ – You are Being Lied To, the disinformation guide to Media Distortion Historical whitewashes

The universities, for example, are not independent institutions. T h e r e
are independent people scattered around in them (and the sciences
in particular couldn’t survive otherwise), but that is true of the media
as well. And it’s generally true of corporations. It’s even true of fascist
states, for that matter, to a certain extent. But the institution itself is
parasitic. It’s dependent on outside sources of support, and those
sources of support, such as private wealth, big corporations with
grants, and the government (which is so closely interlinked with corporate
power that you can barely distinguish them)—they are essentially
the system that the universities are in the middle of.

There are all sorts of filtering devices to get rid
of people who are a pain in the neck and think independently

In his book Culture, Inc.: The
Corporate Takeover of Public Expression, Schiller went
Schiller, H.I. (1989). Culture, Inc. New York – Oxford: Oxford University Press
The Road to Serfdom ebook in f:\rfidshielding

“If liberty means anything at all,” George Orwell wrote, “it means the
right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” As immense communications
firms increasingly dominate our society, how practical
will it be for journalists to tell their bosses—and the public—what
media tycoons do not want to hear about the concentration of power
in a few corporate hands? Orwell’s novel 1984

From the notes for The Fame Factory:
Two Thousand Years of Media Madness,
a book Howard Bloom will probably
complete sometime after the year 2010.

Astute readers may well wonder what the hell is going on, and the
answer is this: The rules are being changed, and they are being
changed in such a way as to ensure that our government and our
major corporations won’t be bothered by nettlesome investigative
journalists in the new millennium.
When I started in the newspaper business the rules were simple: Get
as close to the truth as you possibly can. There were no hard and fast
requirements about levels of proof necessary to print a story—and

If you’re not careful the media will have you hating
the people who are being oppressed,
and loving the people who are doing
the oppressing.
—Malcolm X

book *************
Constantine, Alex. (1997). Virtual government: CIAmind control operations in America.
Venice, CA: Feral House.
more books


Constantine, Alex. (1997). Virtual government: CIAmind control operations in America.Path Pieces Size Done


more refference books inside *************
book 31852740-Jim-Keith-Mind-Control-World-Control-The-Encyclopedia-of-Mind-Control

Institute, an institution headed by the Freemasons' Dr. Lewis.
Kallmann was paid by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry to study
1,000 schizophrenics to prove that mental illness was inherited
genetically. The

more reference books inside

Perhaps the most interesting pieces of evidence surrounding the abduction phenomenon are the intracerebral implants allegedly visible in the X-rays and MRI scans of many abductees.[23] Indeed, abductees often describe operations in which needles are inserted into the brain; more frequently still, they report implantation of foreign objects through the sinus cavities. Many abduction specialists assume that these intracranial incursions must be the handiwork of scientists from the stars. Unfortunately, these researchers have failed to familiarize themselves with certain little-heralded advances in terrestrial technology. The abductees? implants strongly suggest a technological lineage which can be traced to a device known as a “stimoceiver,” invented in the late ?50s-early ?60s by a neuroscientist named Jose Delgado. The stimoceiver is a miniature depth electrode which can receive and transmit electronic signals over FM radio waves. By stimulating a correctly-positioned stimoceiver, an outside operator can wield a surprising degree of control over the subject?s responses.

TO DO : ADHD diagnosis

Who Killed John Lennon

search electronic telemetry crystalline implant

Judy Wall, in her article "Synthetic Telepathy,"
published in 1996. Wall proposes that the effect of microwave
voices could be detected with an electroencephalograph (EEG)
machine. The main drawback to this technique is that if whatever
agency was broadcasting the messages was aware of the use
of monitoring equipment, the messages would undoubtedly stop.
As Wall states, "While it is not a perfect solution, it is hopefully a

/SynTelepathy.pdf more rreferences inside it *************
Alexander, John B., Groller, Richard, and Morris, Janet: The Warrior's Edge: Front-line
Strategies for Victory on the Corporate Battlefield, 1990.

effect, the authorities shirk any responsibility… I am being used
as a guinea pig for weapons of ultrasonic, electromagnetic field,
acoustic and death-ray type, and my central nervous system has
been seized so that they can control my brain with microelectronic
technology and microcomputers… The symptoms of
ultrasonic radiation are headaches, dizziness, disorientation and
visual impairment. Other symptoms are a degeneration of
intelligence with an additional effect on blood circulation and
visceral pain… Acoustic weapons do not cause injury, rather they
convey a nebulous disorientation which can shatter all one's
organized activities. These weapons work by introducing chaos
into one's life… The

going into my subconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth
unpleasant memories long forgotten,

I can converse with my
antagonists merely by thinking what I wish to say

One of the finest of current writers and researchers on the
topic of mind control is Alex Constantine, the author of Psychic
Dictatorship in the U.S.A. and Virtual Government, both
published by Feral House. Constantine believes that he
personally has been the subject of mind control programs. The
following is the text of a letter he authored and sent to the
magazine Mondo 2000 in December, 1994:

Their sadism knows no bounds. They will talk with you and
make it a point of letting you know that they are watching you
while you are on the toilet, for example.

Szasz, Thomas S, The Manufacture of madness

12/ 410 it masks ever more effectively the plight of those victimized by our more mental and health laws

artificial neural mind ( google it )

where is transmitter & than how it is hooked up to satellite?

how they do mind reading at airport ? is it guided ? who do it ? is it touvh type or remote type ..

artificial neural mind ( google it ) you will come to know different scientist name . you may gom wikipedia

You can find several types of Pole Identifiers available on the K&J Magnetics website. The simplest to use is the Electronic Pole Finder. magnet pole detector
Electronic Pole Identifier If it is the North Pole, the Red LED will glow.
Identifies Magnet Poles
LEDs light to indicate polarity
A red and black D68PC-RB magnet near a plain DC2 disc magnet. Which side is the north pole of the unmarked DC2 disc magnet? north – red



Electronic Stethoscope / NLJD / IED / EOD Finder / Non Linear Junction Detector ebay





DavidMcGowanProgrammedtoKill-mind control 101.pdf

All of the following books focus directly or indirectly on CIA-sponsored mind control
research: Jose M.R. Delgado Physical Control of the Mind (Harper and Row, 1969);
Donald Bain The Control of Candy Jones (Playboy Press, 1976); Walter Bowart
Operation Mind Control (Dell Publishing, 1978); Peter Watson War on the Mind
(Hutchinson, 1978); Peter Schrag Mind Control (Pantheon, 1978); John Marks The
Search for the Manchurian Candidate (Times Books, 1979); Martin Lee and Bruce
Schlain Acid Dreams (Grove Press, 1985); and Gordon Thomas Journey Into Madness
(Bantam, 1989). All of these titles contain pieces of the puzzle, but all contain varying
amounts of disinformation as well (as do more recent titles).


Using diathermy or injections of foreign matter such as olive oil

from frontal lobe to temporal lobe amygdalotomies

Emotionalo and personality changes the patient become markedly calm passive
and tractable showing dicreased spontaneity

tunnel vision radiation implants *********** destroing frontal lobe tissues

Currently, interest in the neurosurgical treatment of mental illness is shifting from ablative psychosurgery (where the aim is to destroy brain tissue) to deep brain stimulation (DBS) where the aim is to stimulate areas of the brain with implanted electrodes.[7]
a byword for medical barbarism and an exemplary instance of the medical trampling of patients' rights

bimedical frontal lobotomy

Irreversalble change in mood emotion, temperament,

EUC Vtg Realistic High-Power Video/Audio Tape Eraser Elec… (221303019874)
book children of matrix .pdf torrent

Very few people are aware of the actual link between neuroscience, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuro-chips, transhumanism, the science cyborg, robotics, somatic surveillance, behavior control, the thought police and human enhancement using neuro-implants

shielding tips

Radio Shack #273-0067

Most Of You Now Have Nano-Bots Inside Your Bodies / Brains Via Chemtrails


The attenuation coefficient is the level by which a material will block or interfere with radio waves. This coefficient depends heavily on the thickness and composition of the material. Cardboard, paper, many plastics, water, and glass are all substances with very low attenuation coefficients. Wood, brick, and cement have a limited effect on radio waves. Metallic compounds, steel-reinforced concrete, and the Earth reflect signals, however, preventing radio waves from passing through.

Some materials can block, or interfere with, radio waves loosing reception on a car radio or cell phone when you drive into a tunnel or an underground parking garage
• Cotton (such as a piece of clothing made from cotton)
• Aluminum foil
• Plastic wrap
• Wax paper
• Rubber glove
• A smooth, wide open space to test drive your radio-controlled car

RF signal generator,

The only way you will be able to block the sound waves is to get sound proof glass or doors. You could sleep with noise canceling headphones.

You can either reflect them away from you with a conducting surface or you can put an absorbing material between you and the transmitter

Radio Wave Attenuation

There are two general types of matter (substances) in the universe that
affect electromagnetic waves, conductors and insulators
which are called dielectrics by scientists. Most, but not all,
conductors are metals, such as copper, aluminum, silver and gold. However,
salt water is also a rather poor conductor! Most, but not all, dielectrics
are non metals. Examples of dielectrics are paper, plastic, Teflon, glass,
ceramic and dry wood. Pure water is a good dielectric substance!

This power absorption in a dielectric is called the Attenuation Coefficient
of the material. How much power travels through a dielectric depends on
both the thickness of the material and its attenuation coefficient.

Dielectrics such as cardboard, paper, clear glass, Teflon, some plastics,
pure water and many building materials have low attenuation coefficients
and radio waves reflect from them and also easily pass through them

A bit of advice on the first part of your question, radio waves usually tend to bend around many objects quite well, reducing their apparent ability to block them.

Radio frequencies pass though any non conductive material, regardless of thickness


I think you may not be clear on how radio waves are shielded. Radio frequencies pass though any non conductive material, regardless of thickness. Radio frequencies are affected by conductive materials such as metals, but you cannot effectively "block" radio frequencies merely by putting a metal plate (for example) between the transmitter and the receiver. In fact in order to have any significant reduction in signal, such a plate must have a width and height of at least several wavelengths, and even then the difference would only be small. What is more of a problem, is that radio wavelengths are not small: FM radio waves for example have a wavelength of about 10 feet, so you would need a huge metal plate in order to notice any effect at all. At cell phone frequencies, the wavelength is smaller, but still in the range of a foot or more.

The only effective way to shield an object from radio frequencies, is to place it in a shielded box. That is, a metal box that completely encloses the object. This is why radio reception in a concrete building is often poor: The steel rebar in that reinforces the concrete, acts as a metal box. The concrete itself does nothing.

Generally, shielded enclosures made of higher conductivity metals like copper or aluminum work better than those made of lower conductivity metals such as brass, steel, or stainless steel. The higher a metal's conductivity, the thinner it can be and still be effective.

The absorption coefficient, and some closely related derived quantities: The attenuation coefficient, which is sometimes but not always synonymous with the absorption coefficient

Rotation of water molecules is one such thing, and so water absorbs microwave (radio) radiation

http://www.frd.cn/doce/product-detail-73.html radar & scalar waves absorbtion ******** EMI Shieding Materials
Microwave Absorbing Materials


What are Dielectrics?

There are two general types of matter (substances) in the universe that affect electromagnetic waves, conductors and insulators which are called “dielectrics”. Majority of them except some conductors are metals, such as copper, aluminum, silver and gold. Nevertheless, salt water is also a rather poor conductor. Pure water is a good dielectric substance. Most, but not all, dielectrics are non metals. Examples of dielectrics are paper, plastic, Teflon, glass, ceramic and dry wood. As the radio wave travels through the dielectric material, some of the power is absorbed generating heat and some of the power travels through and comes out of the other side.

What is Attenuation Coefficient?

The attenuation coefficient is the level by which a material will block or interfere with radio waves. This coefficient depends heavily on the thickness and composition of the material. Cardboard, paper, many plastics, water, and glass are all substances with very low attenuation coefficients. In addition, wood, brick, and cement have a limited effect on making radio waves blocked. However, metallic compounds, steel-reinforced concrete and the Earth reflect signals, preventing radio signals from passing through


Low frequencies (or large wavelengths) have an easier time passing over large objects such as hills, while higher frequencies work better with small obstacles such as rooftops ********

EMF EMR radiation protection

Low frequency electromagnetic radiation is very hard and expensive to block. Today there are several types of passive blocking material and active reduction systems for low frequency electromagnetic radiation but they are very expensive to buy and install ****************

ELF shielding ************

If you would like to purchase ELF blocking foil please contact us and we will help…

The Mu-Metal ELF EMR blocking foil is also availble via http://www.4EHSByEHS.com

Mu-Metal Extreme Low Frequency Electromagetic Radiation blocking

Using a microwave signal strength meter
These signals may consist of microwave carriers with ELF modulation, and perhaps with audio or text encoded messages. Some possibilities

Microwave phones use pulse modulated microwaves of the correct intensity to pass through the skull into the brain and control behaviour. Microwave transmitters are therefore the perfect medium for the transmission of ELF signals to mind control the U.K. population.

Detection and Imaging of Underground Structures Using ELF/VLF Radio Waves


@ chanath, i read the article it was talking about radio waves in Gigahertz range… When it comes to Voice To Skull harrasment , remote neural monitoring, central nervous system manipulation of a human being , dream recording n abuse, seeing n hearing through a "targeted victims" eyes n ears , were talking about radio waves below 1000 hertz, you need a very well built faraday cage made of thick metal high magnetic permeability material with which can attenuate n stop these extremely low frequency radiowaves signals. Its very possible since ive seen it myself. N i know the pussy piece of shit people who work or are contracted by the crooked ass goverment who use this technology on innocent humble people!!! Excuse my language


A Faraday cage which blocks all the electromagnetic waves is very expensive to purchase and difficult to build. Moreover we need a lot of place to put it and we are not protected out of it.

Here is an article that says Faraday cages dont block ELF waves. ************************ http://journal.borderlands.com/1983/puharich-elf-waves/ ALso, there was a group of TIs in Europe who says they visited a Faraday cage and it had no effect. "The Extreme Low Frequency waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or_weakens these signals."

ALso, Even if you were to invent a new kind of Faraday cage that did block ELF waves, you would have difficulty applying to everyday situations as it would be too small to live in

It is for extremely low frequencies that superconductors give you anything. If the fields oscillate very slowly then the currents in metal will eventually die out and the magnetic field will penetrate, with a superconductor you can permanently block of the field of a permanent magnet – frequency zero.

(Note ferromagnetic materials can redirect a static magnetic field through them selves and in that way achieve a good shielding of the stuff inside, a similar result through the opposite mechanism).

Detect V2K

Noise Reduction s/w MAGIX photostory
V2K recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1NJoUmPo9w

Mu metal


09953361345Call the Supplier saket@youtele.com

Need Mu metal sheet like the following


i need 1 meter sheet . please send price details



Send E-mail EnquiryOR

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mu metal microwave shielding

Hi Arun,

I am not sure of dimensions . Please estimate yourself
from images in following websites


need 1 meter in length.

please send the quotes.

purpose: I am victim of electronic harassment.
Need RF ELF shielding(Electromagnetic shielding) from
directed energy weapons. More about this topic can be found in


please mention cost of Mu metal sheet, bank account details
( paypal account preferrable)

victim story


The N S A tennists are attacking me with the Active Denial System Weapon satellite as I write this.
I am in a grounded cage of Faraday of chicken wire mesh, wear a mu-metal aluminum foil pyramid shaped hat and have covered the walls and ceiling with aluminum foil.
The attacks are not even stopable with led which I thought because the radiation used is close to ionizing radiation.
Please let me know if you know any way to shield.
The attacks are hurting immensely and I know I am innocent and have never been arrested so what the peace activists write is all true.
Even criminals have a right to a fair trial (U D H R art. 8&10) and the right to physical integrity is always infringed when the Active Denial System weapon and even when cancer U M T S radiation is used. Please write me if you know a way to shield.
Led, the inlays of a package of Philip Morris One Super Light cigarettes, aluminium foil, chicken wire mesh, mu metal and a fire proof safe do not block their A D S WEAPON! beam what-so-ever.
The N S A tennists might give you the idea it does by not attacking you for a while after shielding to mislead you and the public even more.
300 Billion dollars down the Iraq war drain.
200000 Gulf War Syndrome veterans.
Please do not hurt the people on the side of the majority against the war if you would ever be attacked by these nut-cases, blow up a devil worshipping temple or one of their skullies or the Tomb at Yale University. Mitsvah.
STOP The Active Denial System Weapon.
Cancer U M T S is murder.


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