syzophrenia mentall illness

30 Jan

Its routine TI programming by alters/handlers. Ti’s called subjects.
All the following crazy things they do to mimic schizophrenic. Try to stop V2K you will get lot of relief.

Read bridging the GAp book by George bailey. To know more about
who are stalkers. How they recruit.

Its called NEURON firing. How to stop it.

you your self create brain mappings & they(media,gang stalkers around your home) add fire to that craziness

Every time you hear half half sentences. Ask your self what is context they are speaking.
See talk with those who use verbal communication rather than non verbal communication. These are crazy worlds.
not just news,also songs,movies, deliberately they will repeat like machines. To make you crazy.
These story writers also part of life hackers touch many people and familiar faces from your daily past life.
They called it as set-ups. TO make you crazy.

HDMI multimedia out.

Media publishes in press/TV/ your latest conversations with some one else, your selves.
It makes you feel like you lost privacy. They get/record your private life (putting microchips/RFID/biochips/nano implants)to play back
when they want to kill you later. It hurts you too much . There intention is to
demoralize you/ degrade your confidence levels. you will get suicide.Its called social murder.

Read matrix deciphered mind control book.

These life hackers/ recording theatres to play back your life events.
The thoughts are not yours . they use bio- API artificial intelligence based super computer.
Its called monarch programming. Iy you got surgery and remove the implants you will LIVE.
Otherwise after years you will die.

to stop neuron firing . what is the context preps are talking about?
HDMI out
read books that you don’t have domain knowledge( words that are hearing first time in same language or different language)
World communication is body language. They repeat hand signals,head signals,body movements.

For mind control Ti’s . Who are thinking too muck. Feels they receiving too may TRIGGERS that
makes you go back to your memories. These memories they will keep in web /news/public media/movies(called cyber bullying)
If you feel too many triggers in books. Stop reading books and pick up books that you don’t have any domain knowledge.
(books that use very complicated English.)
don’t watch TV,don’t go to theatres .
They demoralize you by playing back your private lives (writing directly to your visual cortext/auditory cortex) part of brain
doctors wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia which is non existing disease.
All these preps work for psychiatrists.

This Ai based associative memory links deliberately/wrongly to old memories places/people in your old memories.
It may be indirect or direct too much indirect mappings. Who is behind these masks. No one.

They play games with TIs . Who are they ? who you think are doing directed conversations.

There is another madness called directional madness. music madness you yourself created.

What they will get if they make you crazy or keep you locked inside room?

These memories that appear in your television are recorded by control centres give it to media/stalkers/folks.

The visuals they are playing using Virtual reality are to psychological damage you.
How they will get your personal information.

Robot not still breakdown??

End times near if more people add to your triggers/directed conversations. They spoke those words/actions deliberately
or just mimicking you don’t know.

Read as many books you can about mind control technologies. Watch English movies on mind control ad its use
on public by its won government. Military industrial complex. New world order.


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